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Opening up commissions

2016-03-25 16:25:45 by UkeFox

If you're interested message me for examples and prices



2016-02-25 06:08:44 by UkeFox


Mood swings blow

2016-02-15 16:37:16 by UkeFox

Needing constant validation from friends that you don't suck also blows I don't recommend it as a personality type

It takes up a lot of your time and it's just it's not fun

Uh oh

2016-02-12 12:53:46 by UkeFox

A very naughty, adult item is coming in the mail today and my dad is here.

How do I cover up this giant purple dick?

Return of Kings

2016-02-02 04:32:50 by UkeFox

Apparently a 'neomasculinity' anti-women, pro-legalizing rape, fuckhead group is gonna be holding a meeting in my hometown while I'm up there visiting my mom and sister.

Cool cool. Definitely not a disturbing thing to think about.


I caved

2016-01-30 07:03:37 by UkeFox

I'm on twitter god help me

Have twice the amount of followers/watchers/fans/exposure you do


The actual


That shit pisses me off so bad fuuuck oh my loooord


Oh god

2015-12-25 03:51:46 by UkeFox

I just got back from a Christmas Eve party

My family decided to try out my bone conduction headphones at the moment I was playing an h3h3productions video, at the exact moment he was saying "Maybe shoving the champagne bottle up my ass wasn't a good idea, you fucked me right guys"

My conservative, religious Texan family heard this. I don't even know what I

I didn't realize until too late that it had gotten to that part

They're gonna think I was watching hardcore porn

But I have so few friends and they're all up their boyfriend's asses and they'd much rather go on and on about how the dick in their life is the best thing they've ever experienced

And I'm just


I'm sick >:U

2015-05-28 04:46:13 by UkeFox

Pretty sure it's ebola one of you cunts send me chicken noodle soup